Comfortable counselling from your own home.


Think about receiving counselling in the comfort of your own home. The online personal counselling experience very similar to face to face counselling. The professional ethics are the same, the standards of practice are the same. You will receive the same level of care and concern online.

This online counselling is a lot like email.  You and I (your counsellor) write and read at different times.  After you have securely registered and described your concerns online, I will communicate with you through an encrypted communication system in an email-style private conversation.



I also offer a live messaging system called Text-Chat.  With Text-Chat, I am online with you at the same time. We will decide on a day and time when we will both log into the system. Our conversation will last approximately 1 hour. Each chat is saved to your account, which allows you to review your progress and reflect on our sessions.



This is just how it sounds, counselling via telephone.  For those of you who would like to hear a live voice, this is for you.  Sessions are typically one hour in length.



Effectiveness of Online Counselling

Research demonstrates that online counselling is just as effective as face to face counselling for almost every issue that a person might bring to a counselling session.


Benefits of Online Counselling

  • You do not need to leave the comfort of your home.  If you are feeling some anxiety around attending a counselling office, we will work together on whatever issue you are facing, as well as the anxiety.
  • You are provided with a tangible record of our discussions.  This is helpful for you to refer back to and to remind you of the progress you are making.  In face to face it is often difficult to remember everything the counsellor has said.
  • Savings – no travel costs, fuel, time, parking.
  • The ability to give your thoughts at any time of day or night.  Type in what you are thinking when you wake in the middle of the night.  You can review and send the next day to your counsellor.  You can add to your message any time of day or night.

Let's get started.



All types of counselling:

$95 per 1 hour session
(If 2 or more sessions pre-booked $75/session)